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Feb. 28th, 2007 | 05:46 pm
posted by: _gimmiestitches in nirvana_stills

I'm asking for a minute of your time!

If you want to help me get some awesome Kottonmouth Kings merchandise, please click the links below.
They don't need your email or name, you just need to click the links!
And while you're there, maybe even listen to the music, you might like it.
<3 your mod,

1. Order Subnoize Souljaz
2. Koast II Koast Order Link
3. Download the Latest Flyer
4. King Klick Recruiting Link
5. Kottonmouth Kings MySpace (artist page)
6. Kottonmouth Kings MySpace (add to friends)
7. Suburban Noize Records MySpace (label page)
8. Suburban Noize Records MySpace (add to friends)
9. Order Daddy X Family Ties Album
10. Order Joint Venture
11. Kottonmouth Kings Merch

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Jun. 27th, 2005 | 05:06 am
posted by: andimonfire in nirvana_stills

Welcome to the first (I think/hope) Nirvana Stillness community!
If you love the band Nirvana/Icons/Making icons..
PLEASE, go read the userinfo and join :)
You have to be a member to view/participate in the challenges!

your mod andimonfire

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